Patent • Derrida: Deconstructed Video Navigation


Another side project that was born from the challenges of viewing video file without knowing much about its content beforehand. Our aim was to create either

  • a new navigation system, over the sequential timeline
  • a new video ad unit for Adobe Primetime that would build better brand engagement.

At the time I was quite inspired by the work of Ellsworth Kelly and Karel Martens.


We explored video navigation using existing short films from Youtube and came up with

(1) An algorithm to generate the content visualization of a video

(2) A number of variations of these visualizations, to enable alternate non-linear navigation apart from the timeline.

We worked on about 50 videos of duration from 30 sec to 1.5 min. We found that any of these videos could be deconstructed to components which are then visualized in different ways to give different viewing experiences.


We took this video as an example to show how many this works.

This video can be deconstructed into its components and then recombined to tell variations of the same story to different types of users.

Derrida 00

Maybe a repeat user might see a different version the second time. This would enable digital marketers to repurpose existing content to build further engagement.Derrida 01Derrida 02

Derrida 03

Links to other engagement could also be embedded. For example from this navigation, users can directly go to buy the displayed merchandise, download additional media, or learn more about the location, etc.

Derrida 04


Patent: P5209US01: Deconstructed Video Ad Units

Date of Project: Jan 2014-June 2014

My Role: Designer & Product Owner

Team: Nutan Sawant and K Balaji