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  • Talk • Future Shape of Tomorrow

    Talk • Future Shape of Tomorrow

    Every alternate year, Adobe hosts an event for all its engineers across the globe, to catch up on the latest happenings in technology, research, and get inspired. In 2013, I gave this talk titled “The Future Share of Tomorrow”. GOAL The goal was to communicate future trends in technology to a primarily technical audience of…

  • Acrobat Mobile Android

    Acrobat Mobile Android

    CONTEXT I was the primary designer for Acrobat Mobile on Android from 2014 to 2016. During this time I delivered designs for a number of key releases: Document Cloud (2015) Dropbox Integration (2016) DOCUMENT CLOUD (2015) Designed the framework, keeping in mind The new Tool Switcher model for business continuity Incorporating the new Material Design,…

  • Patent • Filling Forms with AR/VR

    Patent • Filling Forms with AR/VR

    CONTEXT The problems of filling forms on a touch device is not new to any of us. When we started thinking about it – here are some of the questions we asked ourselves: We looked at the information that needs to be filled in; where is it coming from, How can we improve the input…

  • The Times of India iPad App

    The Times of India iPad App

    CONTEXT Times of India – India’s main English daily – wanted to create an app for their iPad users. It was to be one of the first English language Indian news apps. The competitors at the time were the NDTV news app. In this project my role encompassed understanding stakeholder and user requirements, and designing the overall…

  • Patent • Olinda: Create Location-Specific Artwork With AR

    Patent • Olinda: Create Location-Specific Artwork With AR

    GOAL This was a side project inspired by the street art/murals seen in Mission district in San Fransisco. I returned from there thinking there must be a way for artists all over the world to collaborate digitally without actually being physically present. Later this became my Adobe Kickbox project. SOLUTIONS 1. Concept I came up…

  • Talk • Three Essential Skills for a Designer

    This was a talk given at IXDA Delhi NCR in June 2017. With the cycle of time, progress and development, industries change. The arrival of desktop publishing took away entire professions in the printing industry – and our industry is again changing. We’re at the cusp of a wave when Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence…

  • XPath for Adobe FrameMaker 11

    XPath for Adobe FrameMaker 11

    PROBLEM AREA This UI component XPath Builder and Results, was a part of the larger product Adobe Framemaker 11. The idea was to include the XPath Builder with the Results pod, so that the user can continue working within the pod instead of having to focus on different areas of the screen. It was a complex…

  • Poster Design

    Poster Design

    GOAL A fun project where each designer was asked to create a typographic poster from the book 57 things by Michael Gough. DESIGN I wanted to use hand lettering done digitally – because hands are our first interface in a way as we feel the world through touch. Created with Adobe Animate CC and Adobe…

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  • Patent • Derrida: Deconstructed Video Navigation

    Patent • Derrida: Deconstructed Video Navigation

    In which we played around with the way media files can be deconstructed and recombined for a different purpose.